I've been using an electric toothbrush for about 2 years now as recommended by my dentist. It was the best decision for my oral care and I love it! As a coffee drinker and wine lover I've found that using an electric toothbrush instead of a manual toothbrush has many benefits. Overall, I love that it provides a superior plaque removal to regular manual toothbrushes. Recently I partnered up with Smile Brilliant to try their new electric toothbrush, the new affordable CariPRO Ultrasonic electric toothbrush! You have probably seen their ads all over social media for their teeth whitening trays used at home, now they have come out with this awesome electric toothbrush!

I've been using this toothbrush for a few weeks now and I absolutely love it! I love all 5 brush modes: clean, white, massage, gum care, sensitive. Each brushing mode is designed to operate for 2 minutes, with brief pauses between each 30 second burst. That brief pause tells you to move to a different quadrant of the mouth. The built-in timer can help you brush your teeth long enough to sufficiently remove plaque from your teeth and gums. It also has a 30 day life battery (on full charge) and it's waterproof! The individual package I received contains the toothbrush, 2x premium brush heads with tongue scraper (very easy to switch), a charging base, and the instruction manual. They also have a Deluxe Package and a Couples Package. You have a 60 day trial and a 2 year warranty if  you aren't 100% satisfied.

My latest toothbrush before trying out CariPRO was a well-known electric toothbrush brand so I had something to compare it to. The difference in my experience is that the CariPRO vibrates rather than spins. My previous toothbrush had a round head and the CariPRO has a longer head that in my opinion reaches the back of my teeth better. My mouth feels clean and fresh when using all the different brush modes. I typically use the Clean mode paired with the Gum Care mode every night. I have enjoyed using this brush, especially the 2-minute timer in which I don't have to watch the time. If you're in the market for a great, affordable electric toothbrush, you will find it with the CariPRO.

Why choose CariPRO:
- Removes up to 7x more plaque than a manual toothbrush.
- Improves gum health in 2 weeks!
- 2x whiter teeth in just a single week.
- Comfortable to hold. Simple to use and waterproof.
- CariPro is an amazing, affordable product with the same features of the highest quality electric toothbrush on the market.

Brushing Modes:

CLEAN: Standard mode for superior daily cleaning.
WHITE: Most powerful cleaning mode for removing surface stains, polishing and vigorous deep cleaning.
MASSAGE: Gentle gum pulsation mode for gum stimulation. For complete coverage, use with another cleaning mode.
GUM CARE: Gum mode for gentle cleaning along the gumline. For complete coverage, use with another cleaning mode.
SENSITIVE: Ideal for users who find the default clean mode to be slightly too aggressive. This gentle cleaning mode is tuned well for those who have sensitive gums and teeth.

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If you have any questions, see the FAQ here!

* Thanks to Smile Brilliant for sponsoring this post, all opinions are my own.

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